KGG charges $25.00 per firearm for transfers.


KGG charges $25.00 per firearm for transfers.

KGG DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY FIREARM SHIPPED FROM A NON-LICENSED DEALER OR PRIVATE SELLER. $150.00 charge for item received from a non federal firearms licensed dealer.

STEP ONE Purchase your firearm online

STEP TWO forward the email you receive from the seller, to , we will forward that email to the seller with our FFL attached. We DO NOT send fax.

STEP THREE track your package; it will be ready for pickup TWO HOURS after when it shows delivered.

Please have ONLY the firearm shipped; we are not responsible for extra items. If you have a shopping cart full of items, please do not have them sent to KGG, firearm ONLY.

You MUST have a valid TEXAS ID with your CURRENT address, we DO NOT do transfers to non Texas citizens.

NO non US citizen transfers, If you are not a US citizen, we will not do the transfer.

KGG is NOT responsible for damaged items.

KGG is NOT responsible for missing items.

KGG has nothing to do with the purchase of your firearm; we only handle the transfer paperwork.

Please make sure the seller has your phone number and all information. On occasion, sellers send a firearm with no invoice or name attached; it is a good Idea to bring a printout of the invoice with serial number to pick up your firearm.

***Any Item, without prior written authorization, not picked up, unclaimed and/or abandoned for over 30 Days will become property of Katy Gun Gear***